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i made a really big mistake ~last May. i watched Battlestar Galactica and didn't make notes. here's the thing, if i don't make notes of new ideas and interesting thoughts i encounter, then i no longer remember them and it's as if i never had them to begin with, unless they're reinforced by something else i encounter that alludes to that thought.

i mention Battlestar Galactica because it questioned a lot of my originally held views on politics, the media and a lot of other things and it now feels like i never watched the show to begin with, since the most important aspect of watching it was to provoke and question my views and create original thoughts and ideas which i no longer remember.

i've started using Google Keep to make notes on the fly, and it was one of the major uses of my older phone too.

something else that's weird, being alive. since we're the product of our parents' genes and therefore how we interact with the environment is a direct influence of these genes, whilst taking into account external and not in our control events which affect our lives, being alive is reduced to a very narrow set of choices. and these choices are an illusion because your mental makeup is due to your genes and your environment, means you're going to choose one choice over the other because you wouldn't make that choice if it wasn't for your mental makeup. so being alive isn't really being alive at all, it's more like reacting to stimuli in the way those tiny organisms which react to light do. i completely understand i'm poking at a concept the subject of Philosophy have a million books on, meaning there is likely many flaws with this train of thought.