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'I don’t believe any human being is impartial or objective, we are all subjective, the question isn't whether we have opinions or not, the question is whether we are honest about the assumptions we have embraced, or do we dishonestly pretend that we are something we’re not'


I think this idea that any journalist is objective is false. Everyone has a certain world view which they bring to the table when presenting their version of events, I suppose all we can do is be very aware that we only see things from a certain point of view and try to see it from other people's angle as well. Also, as Glenn Greenwald points out above, we have to make sure we are being honest about the world view we have embraced, and shield it from adopting the popular outlook of the world, as long as the evidence and experiences you have encountered correlate with your world view, this is what I think he means by being 'honest'.

The popular thing for people to say is the BBC is objective. Firstly, I think it's a perception BBC likes to portray they are objective. As outlined above, there is no objectivity. It is not possible for journalists to be neutral: regardless of whether we do or do not overtly express our personal opinion, that opinion is always reflected in the facts we choose to highlight or ignore. There is also the fact that whilst the BBC is funded by the public, it is the government that controls the flow of money from the public to the BBC in the way of setting the tv licensing fees, government grants as well as the govt. continuing to keep the flow of money going solely to the BBC, and I would not be surprised if this influences the operating and the reporting of the BBC.