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every time i realise that life has no inherent meaning and purpose what so ever, apart from procreating i suppose, i just feel so good and i feel like i can do anything.

in the above sentence i use the word 'realise', i wonder how this realisation works. i know that life has no inherent meaning or purpose, but when i read it in different contexts, i hit a realisation and this usually entails a feeling. i don't understand what a feeling has to do with gaining clarity in something at all, may be i didn't re-realise life had no inherent meaning or purpose at all but the feeling associated with gaining clarity made me feel that way. there may be different ways ideas can be phrased which whilst you may logically understand what they say, depending on the phrasing, you may either understand it better by the way it is phrased, or it may even trigger a feeling which momentarily makes you feel like your eyes have opened and you have hit clarity but is merely just a feeling. may be the feeling of realisation is triggered when a moment of clarity is reached, and it's just a process your brain goes under when hitting this moment of clarity is with a feeling of realisation. a way of telling you that your world view has altered slightly more than normal.

Date: Dec. 2nd, 2013 06:34 pm (UTC)
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I actually totally get that, I sometimes feel like that too. Like, I can't mess it up too badly because there's no real purpose anyway except to just be happy I guess, and try help others do the same. Like, I can't fail. And then the mundanity of life kicks in again and you forget and get caught up in it and stressed and worried, and then you remember again and feel calm. But then, I also get a weird feeling like that when I see my name written down sometimes, like "Woah, that means me! That's my name!" and then I get weirded out by how those letters are my identity, but perhaps that's just odd.