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i'm currently trying to recreate my world view. one of the things that came up moments ago and prompted me to write this was this snobbishness which still inhabits (and inhibits) me. i made a broad assumption about someone through one detail. i'm trying to move away from this, this idea of categorising everything using incomplete information, it makes everyone seem uninteresting since i generalise everything and everyone and ignore the interesting characteristics which makes everything different.

i'm trying to move away from my previous world view and am trying to recreate a new one on much more accurate experiential information and not based on things said by certain intellectuals or other people.

a lot of these things are what i automatically consider of little value or a degradation of our culture, but now i want to look at these things from an alternative point of view.

this is about overhauling how i view things and questioning the assumptions (which i can't back up) i make about people, society and their motivations.


something i want to note is that there is a constant feeling of being uninterested with everything, and at times this feeling is extremely strong. i'm not depressed because i don't feel depressed. most things fail to excite me in anyway. i'm trying to work through this, but i've felt like this for the past few years and i've managed to distract myself through video games and other addictions and only now as i'm trying to lead a more cleaner life that this has managed to surface. i suppose my future entries will indicate as to what fills this void.