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i've been thinking all week about the question what is so good about being happy (or positive emotion) over being unhappy (or negative emotion)?. what is so bad about consistently being unhappy? the answer has been very simple, we as humans  seek out activities which make us feel good or strive for those things which makes us feel more positive, this is our natural disposition. or when in pain or feeling uncomfortable, we take steps to alleviate that state. negative emotion, as the name suggests, doesn't feel great and leads to strained relationships and from an evolutionary standpoint, leads to a fractured community. i can't think of a situation where a person seeks out or strives for a negative emotion.

so the result of this has been my view that there is no reason to be unhappy, unless when in a situation which makes you unhappy.

the natural questions that lead on from the above is, what is the purpose of emotion from an evolutionary standpoint? why does it have to exist at all? why do i have to feel unhappy when presented with negative situations and scenarios at all? what benefit does being unhappy serve in the first place?
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