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July 16th, 2013

i'm going to try and attempt to turn this journal into a regular event and very different to what i envisioned when i created this. surprisingly, i have stuck to my intention of posting things which i want to post as opposed to just posting random thoughts.

well, i think i'm going to start just posting things.

my situation has changed and my life is good. there are things that still need to occur in my life but they are things of inevitability as opposed to things i need to continue to struggle for..

so i guess that is that.
something i am currently working on is my listening skills.

i have noticed that i have become mentally lazy, not just in the listening department but others too. people notice that i don't listen, i notice that i don't listen, even when i am actually listening. it's because i'm being lazy and i'm not actively listening to what people are talking about, my mind is nowhere and i'm processing information halfheartedly.

so i'm going about my daily life with the mental note that i need to be an active listener and actually focus when someone is talking or even when watching a film and so on. i think it will improve my life in other mental departments too when i start to get the hang of listening.

my original aim was to improve my focus and concentration, but that was too vague and at the heart of the problem was my poor listening skills. i don't know where this paragraph is going.

anyway, i also wanted to note that i missed in the previous post that an additional reason as to why i would like to post much more frequently is so i can practice writing and for some reason, i really want to improve my writing. i find this strange because usually, there seems to be a tangible reason as to why i set out to do things when concerning my own development, but in this case i'm not so sure, maybe i just deem it an extremely useful skill and i'd like to work on it?